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The National Dex is a Pokémon Youtube Channel hosted by Alex Faciane, PokeKellz (Kellie), Rival Jimmy and Hilde. It is most known for its Weekly Trivia and Battle Strategy series, but it also has other series such as The Dex! VS, The Dex! News, The Dex! Plays and The Dex! Podcast. The channel posted its first video on December 17th, 2012.

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Alex Beard
Alex Faciane, or (Trainer Class) Alex as he is also known. He is a host of the Dex with Kellie and Jimmy. Alex is also the host of Super Beard Bros with Jirad Khalil (The Completionist) and he appears frequently on the The Completionist. He has been part of The Dex Since the series first began... Read more on Alex's page
Kellie, or Pokekellz as she's also known, is one of the Three main Hosts of The National Dex Channel, along with Alex Faciane and Jimmy. She has been part of the channel since it first began. She is most known for her work on The Dex Trivia and Battle Strategies series, but she also Hosts other shows... Read more on PokeKellz's page
Jimmy Beliakoff is the editor for the Dex. He is the host of The MiniDex, The Extra Dex, The Dex Podcast and is sometimes featured in The Dex and The Dex VS... Read more on Jimmy's page
Hilde is the host for the Dex! News and the newest addition to The National Dex team. She has her own Youtube channel over at hildewereld. Most of her Youtube content is Pokémon related such as her Rating ALL Pokémon series... Read more on Hilde's page
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