The Dex! Podcast #24: More Like Oh-Megas Ruby! is the twenty-fourth episode of The Dex! Podcast series. It's hosted by Alex, Jimmy, and PokeKellz. It covers The News, The Community Segment, and Fanswers. Published August 13, 2014.

"MEGA SLOWBRO MEGA SLOWBRO MEGA SLOWBRO. Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy sit down for an early cast this week all about new Megas! Plus, win tickets to Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions! "- iTunes description


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The News

  • Mega Altaria, which is Dragon/Fairy type with Pixilate, Mega Lopunny, which is Normal/Fighting type with Scrappy, and Mega Salamence, which is still Dragon/Flying, with Aerialate 
  • Mega Slowbro, which is still Water/Psychic type with Shell Armor, and Mega Audino, which is Normal/Fairy type with Healer.  
  • Shiny Beldum available at OR/AS launch.  
  • Trainer Horde battles! Everyone's excited! Not.  
  • Multiplayer Contests with Mega Evolution, Pokeblocks, Items for winning, etc.  
  • Costume Pikachu are only for Cosplay Pikachu. Its appearance changes its moves.  

Community Question

What do you think the biggest letdown for ORAS will be?

  • Alex: Mega Milotic or Mega Ludicolo won't be in it, no X/Y answers.  
  • Kellie: There is no post game area, it's just clouds.  
  • Jimmy: Primal Groudon and Kyogre are the only Primals that ever exist.  


Email 1 (Jordan)

(In Southern accent) He wants a Bidoof with fly, because it can learn every HM move other than that. He wants the backpacks, running shoes, or even outfits of the trainers, without any logos or anything, so that it's only recognizable to other fans. Golden Octillery club.

Email 2 (Jonathan)

Thanks for bringing him back to Pokemon! Question: Would you like a more mature Pokemon show? He would like an event Pokemon with an accessory, like a headband.  

Kellz would like a show about a Pokemon Center, or a cop show. Jimmy: They would need to ditch the stereotypical main character, follow a gym leader or someone. For example, following Morty research and sometimes battle. Alex: If it was a good story, with symbolism and literary stuff like that, he would enjoy it more.  

Email 3 (Box)

He's fond of the first generation of gym leaders, especially Koga. He didn't know the weakness to Poison type, so he won with Beedrill and Muk. Do the top five most ridiculous gyms! Also, a link between Togepi and Latios/Latias? 

Email 4 (Arin)

Favorite gym leader is Jasmine. She's the most relatable. He would live in Mistralton city. He just got his pilot's license, and would love to fly around!  

Email 5 (Brayden)

Jasmine is awesome because you don't have to fight the trainers in the gym. Other Primals: Deoxys, Jirachi? In the first trailer, Maxie and Archie may have Mega Stones, the placement of which is concealed in official art. He speculates that it could be Mega Camerupt and Sharpedo.