The Dex! Metagross! Episode 15 is the fifteenth episode of The Dex! Trivia and Battle Strategy Series. It's hosted by Engineer Alex and Pokekellz and it covers the Iron Leg Pokémon, Metagross! It aired on April 30th, 2013 and can be viewed here.

"Every week on The Dex, Alex and PokeKellz present battle strategy and trivia for a different Pokemon! This week, it's Metagross, the Iron Leg Pokemon!" - YouTube description


Intro Trivia Edit

Upgrade Metagross has received updated trivia and/or battle strategy.
The updated trivia and/or battle strategy can be found here.
  • Metagross is the result of a fusion between two Metang.
  • Metagross hunts by floating around and pinning down its prey with its large body.
  • It has four brains from the result of the Beldum/Metang fusions, making it smarter than a supercomputer. It uses this knowledge in battle.

Pokémon Etymology Edit

  • Metagross's name is made up of Metal and Gross.
  • Gross is a term for the number 144, which is 12*12.
  • Metagross weighs 1212.5 pounds, which is 12 and 12.

Battle Strategy Edit


Bulky Attacker Edit

  • Item: Leftovers
  • Ability: Clear Body
  • Nature: Adamant (+Attack, -Sp. Attack)
  • EVs: HP, Attack and Sp. Defense
  • Moves:
    • Meteor Mash
    • Pursuit
    • Stealth Rock
    • Earthquake
  • Metagross can use its good bulk to set up hazards, and dish out damage with STAB Meteor Mash.
  • Earthquake is a hard-hitting coverage option, while Pursuit is used when predicting switches.
  • Metagross needs to be wary of strong Fire and Ground-types, like Volcarona and Landorus.

Random Thoughts Edit

  • Metagross can run a Choice Band with its huge Attack stat.
  • Its excellent stats can also help it run a Mixed Wall-Breaker set with a Life Orb.
  • Metagross's bulk can allow it to use multiple set up moves in the same set like Agility and Hone Claws.

Gallery Edit