Manectric: Pokemon x Monster Hunter!? - The Dex! Episode 106!is the one hundred and sixth episode of The Dex! Trivia and Battle Strategy Series. It's hosted by Electrifying Guy Alex and Pokekellz and it covers the Discharge Pokémon, Manectric! It aired on April 7th, 2015 and can be viewed [ here].

"Every week on The Dex, Alex and PokeKellz present battle strategy and trivia for a different Pokemon! This week, we find out all about Manectric's mythical origins!" - Youtube description.

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  • Item: Manecite
  • Ability: Intimidate
  • Nature: Timid
  • EVs: Special Attack, Speed
  • Moves:
    • Volt Switch
    • Flamethrower
    • Hidden Power Ice
    • Thunder Wave

Random Thoughts Edit

  • Trade Volt Switch for Thunderbolt, Flamethrower for Overheat or Snarl.
  • For non-Mega sets, Choice Scarf with Switcheroo.

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